In keeping with the mission of CITIZENS FOR NATIONAL SECURITY, I propose that the Administration create a “Task Force” to focus on the following Muslim supremacist and Islamist dictatorships and organizations of all variants: Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Qatar. Pakistan-based Jamaat-e-Islami. ISIS and Al Qaeda. Saudi Arabia (though say they are reforming).[…]

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed every aspect of our lives. It has also seriously impacted our economy and thus threatens our national security. Unfortunately, America will not be able to return to the level of its booming economy in February.  The shutdown and massive firing of manpower is likely to erase[…]

The new “Whole-of-Government” approach, through the Coronavirus Task Force, is clearly succeeding. For the first time since World War 2, we have a federal government focused on one existential challenge. The task force is ably headed up by Vice President Mike Pence, and includes representatives from all key federal agencies, to coordinate policy and streamline[…]

Who will be hurt the most? Let’s look at its potential to harm democracies (50% of the world population) vs dictatorships (the other 50%). Both will be negatively impacted short-term, but dictatorships will be hurt far more in the longer term. Why? Both will witness a sudden reduction of 2-10% in economic growth. Both will[…]

CFNS Chairman Ken Abramowitz recently returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia (SA). The following is the perspective from Ken. I came away from this trip with a belief that the country is undergoing a rapid modernization process. Historically, SA had been a “frenemy” (friend/enemy) of America. It bought huge amounts of U.S. weapons, and[…]