Rare Access to Inside Sources of National Security Information

CFNS Members receive frequent national security briefings based upon insider documents. Primarily residing in the realm of "Gray literature," these reports and records are all unclassified, but not generally available anywhere to ordinary citizens. Here are some examples.

  • Threat to U.S. from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attacks – Congressional EMP Commission
  • Intelligence and Security Leaks – Senator John McCain
  • Iran's Growing Space Program – CIA
  • Foreign Aid to the Palestinians – Congressional Research Service
  • Boko Haram Terrorist Organization – House Homeland Security Committee
  • Terrorist Trial Report Card - NYU Center on Law and Security
  • National Strategy for Counterterrorism - White House
  • Memorandum on the Takeover of North America – Muslim Brotherhood


CFNS’s Outstanding Seminar Series is a Privilege of Membership


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CFNS Members May Actively Participate in Research Task Forces

CFNS organizes Task Forces to focus on, or support, the academic community, Congress, the media, and other establishments and professionals where intelligence and national security issues are in play. These Task Forces work in teams drawn from CFNS's citizen members who choose to become active in combating specific dangers posed by radical Islam and other extremist ideologies. They are educated and enabled to undertake research projects that offer enormous resources for individuals and organizations on the ground working daily to resist these threats to our country.

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Speaker Training for Community Outreach

CFNS members who have a desire to address civic and other community groups about national security issues receive instruction on substance and style from experienced presenters who possess in-depth knowledge on those subjects. Small classes meet for a series of informal and interactive sessions, in addition to simultaneously reading a few recommended books. In the final phase of the training, participants engage in speaker/audience role-playing based upon presentations created, delivered and critiqued by their classmates.

"I read and hear about the Muslim Brotherhood every day in the news. But I feel like I’m not getting the whole story of their threat to us here in the U.S. What can I do?"
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