In 1979, Iran declared war on the US, thereby starting the first Iranian/US war.

This war intensified in the past 2 weeks, when Iran sabotaged 4 transiting oil tankers, bombed 2 Saudi pipelines, and almost blew up the US embassy in Baghdad. None of these attacks were foiled by the US or local security agencies, thereby causing huge embarrassment to all the governments in the area.

Both the US and Iran then issued statements that they are not looking for war, though Iran promised continued “resistance,” a code word for terrorism.

So how should the US handle Iran, which has repeatedly vowed “Death to America”, promised to take over the world and kill all Americans wherever they are?

To confront Iran, the number one Political Islam terror organization in the world, and the number one source of evil in the world, the US Administration should implement a 6 point plan:

Number 1, announce our right to be in the area, defending our culture, allies and citizens.

Number 2, publicly announce Iran is evil for not protecting the basic Human rights of its 80 million people and neighbors.

Number 3, explain the changes that we expect, should Iran want to join the family of nations, as Secretary of State Pompeo enumerated in his 12 point plan.

Number 4, give Iran a tight time schedule implementing changes.

Number 5, the US should explain the consequences of not complying.

Number 6, the Trump Administration should adopt a path for victory, using a combination of Cold War, World War 2 and economic warfare strategies.

In particular, the US should seek to end all Iranian worldwide trade, shut all Iranian embassies worldwide, and cut off all diplomatic relations with countries that wish to maintain relations with the US.

The US should also insist that Iran close its 3 worldwide terror organizations: its 200,000 physical terrorists , it’s nearly 100,000 narco-terrorists, and its 150,000 cultural terrorists/operatives throughout the world.

No real negotiations are possible with a professional terrorist state, so we must stay tough until they give up, reform themselves, or undergo regime change within 1-2 years. We should apply maximum pressure and begin now. Let’s go!

Ken Abramowitz


Citizens For National Security