The Sunday morning television news talk shows theoretically give the nation a great opportunity to learn about the big issues facing us and what our leaders are doing to serve our short term and long term needs.

After all, citizens must be properly educated if they are to make intelligent electoral choices when the time comes.

So how are our weekly Sunday morning shows doing in helping us learn and think?


With the exception of the Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures “ show, the other major talk shows are just plain embarrassing.

Last Sunday was typical. Roughly 60% of the various showtimes of the major programs were devoted to the Mueller report, that took 2.5 years to produce and came up with no conclusions of wrongdoing. About 20% of the showtime was focused on discussing the potential impeachment of President Trump, who committed no crime. Only the final 20% of the showtime focused on real issues such as the proposed tariffs on Mexico to pressure that government to curb illegal immigration into the US or the state of negotiations with China on our trade numerous disputes.

Because 80% of the showtime was wasted on the Russia hoax and the impeachment hoax, we were not educated about our very serious short term and long term national security issues.

For example, there were no discussions on: the Iran nuclear program; Iran’s 3 terror organizations of 450,000 worldwide operatives; Iran’s invasion of Africa and Latin America; the cause of Venezuela’s death spiral; the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood (financed by Turkey/Qatar) into the US through mosques; schools, and University penetration by Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood, and China Confucius Institutes.

No discussion on Russian or communist /socialist penetration into all levels of schools nor the demographic war taking place through our border and infecting the country with diseases and lawlessness, nor the illegal operations of sanctuary cities and states.

So what’s going on? Why are our key Sunday talk shows miseducating the public? Why are they focused on non-issues, but not discussing the key real issues? Why are they dumbing down the population?

There are no great answers other than the networks think that the population can’t handle the heavy issues and prefers irrelevant but entertaining gossip discussions. Pretty sad indeed. Hopefully new competition will emerge and emerge fast to properly educate “we the people!”

Ken Abramowitz


Citizens For National Security