Lots of commentators like to discuss what might be in the Trump Administration’s “Deal of the Century “ to promote Middle East peace and a future Peace Process.

As a result, an economic conference in Bahrain in late June will discuss ideas for regional cooperation. At a later time, key leaders will convene to discuss political cooperation and integration.

Not willing to speculate, we propose an alternative “Deal of the Century “, with 5 strategic goals: strengthen key allies, encourage/pressure best allies, reform frenemies, pressure/encourage adversaries, and defeat the enemies.

To strengthen key allies, the US should recognize Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem and Area C in Judea/Samaria. UNRWA should be closed and replaced by the Israeli school system for Arabs.

For Jordan and Egypt, the Gulf States should be encouraged to step up investments in new high technology-based corporations by funding large venture capital and private equity pools.

For other allies, the US should encourage the UK to integrate its foreign policies with the US and distance itself from failed, anti-US, E.U. policies, as it prepares for a likely hard Brexit later this year.

For frenemies such a Turkey and Qatar, we should pressure them to cease financing the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and to cease building new mosques in the US with anti-American Imams.

No financing of American universities or any schools should be tolerated by Turkey, Qatar, and even Saudi Arabia, until they reform and join Western Civilization.

For adversaries such as China and Russia, we should pressure them to cut trade and diplomatic relations with Iran, which finances the largest terror organization in the World, and North Korea as well, if they want to continue trading with the US.

For enemies such as Iran and ISIS, we should bankrupt them and insist on regime change for Iran and decimation worldwide for ISIS.

For the Palestinian Authority, we should downgrade our relationship further and encourage the formation of 7 city states as a replacement of the PA.

In net, any new Peace Plan should help our allies to win, while forcing our enemies to lose. It should not be so complicated!

Ken Abramowitz


Citizens For National Security