Tragedy strikes Sri Lanka on Easter. Muslim terrorists killed nearly 300 people, and injured at least 500, The nation of 21 million citizens, of which 73% Buddhist, 10% Hindu, 10% Muslim, and 7% Christian. The terrorists bombed churches and hotels. Why were the intelligence warnings ignored? Fire ripped through the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.[…]

President Trump has publicly highlighted his forthcoming “deal of the century” for reviving a Middle East peace plan or at least a conceptional way forward. This is quite a noble effort, given the obvious challenges. However before such a plan can get a proper hearing, several preconditions must be accomplished first. The Middle East landscape[…]

Late in March, President Trump signed an executive order directing all Federal agencies to identify threats posed by electro-magnetic pulses or EMP. EMP surges can destroy portions of our electric grid and/or devices that are based on electric current to operate, posing huge risks to our modern society. These surges can result from natural events[…]

What is wrong with Europe? In the past 2 weeks, the UK tried to leave Europe for the third time, yet is no closer to doing so. The EU failed to follow President Trump’s lead and recognize Israel’s right to the Golan Heights, even though it is the interests of the EU to do so.[…]

President Trump has made several winning foreign policy moves in the past 12 months: moved US embassy to Jerusalem, canceled inherently flawed Iran deal, and recognized Israel ownership claim to Golan Heights. Great, but don’t stop there! There are at least 10 additional winning US moves that will hopefully follow: 1) declare that the Iranian[…]