Thought of the Week – February 18th

My recent goodwill visit with 25 friends to Kenya and Uganda highlighted both good news and bad news for US national security interests. On the good news front, the leadership of both countries of about 45 million people is very pro American, pro capitalism, pro democracy, pro rule of law, and pro minority rights. Both[…]

Thought of the Week – February 11th

The Super Bowl was great! Both teams showed up, determined to win. However there was room for only one team to win. The other had to lose. Well, national security competition is no different. Numerous countries are fighting on numerous issues, but there is room for only one winner, particularly when one participant is part[…]

Thought of the Week – February 4th

The 2019 worldwide threat assessment of the US Intelligence community contained a good analysis of our key adversaries: China and Russia. It also discussed worldwide threats from ISIS/Al Qaeda and transnational criminal organizations, and regional threats from Iran and Taliban. However, there were 5 glaring omissions: Number 1, the Assessment did not properly characterize the[…]

Thought of the Week – January 28th

Venezuela is a failed state, caused by 18 years of its leaders’ lies, mismanagement and corruption. Venezuela had a population of 35 million, of which 3 million have now fled to neighboring countries during the past three years, seeking to escape the grinding poverty, soaring inflation, starvation brought on by Chavez’s, then Maduro’s false socialist[…]

Thought of the Week – January 21st

President Trump’s decision to withdraw 2,200 American soldiers from Northeast Syria continues to destabilize the Middle East. Other nations and factions are now busily trying to quickly fill the void. Russia has warned Israel to not attack the Damascus, Syria airport. But overnight, after Iranian-sponsored militants in Syria fired a missile into its Israel, the[…]