Lots of commentators like to discuss what might be in the Trump Administration’s “Deal of the Century “ to promote Middle East peace and a future Peace Process. As a result, an economic conference in Bahrain in late June will discuss ideas for regional cooperation. At a later time, key leaders will convene to discuss[…]

The Sunday morning television news talk shows theoretically give the nation a great opportunity to learn about the big issues facing us and what our leaders are doing to serve our short term and long term needs. After all, citizens must be properly educated if they are to make intelligent electoral choices when the time[…]

UK Prime Minister Teresa May just announced her resignation, after 2 years of mismanaging the Brexit process. Americans don’t seem to care about Britain’s presumed exit from the EU (Brexit). But it is important to US national security. The key reason is that the European Union (EU) is a quasi democratic autocracy/bureaucracy ruling over 450[…]

In 1979, Iran declared war on the US, thereby starting the first Iranian/US war. This war intensified in the past 2 weeks, when Iran sabotaged 4 transiting oil tankers, bombed 2 Saudi pipelines, and almost blew up the US embassy in Baghdad. None of these attacks were foiled by the US or local security agencies,[…]

Iran is threatening to withdraw from the JCPOA in 60 days if European countries won’t help Iran evade American sanctions. Trump is sending aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf. US is now raising tariffs on Chinese imports, after the Chinese reversed the concessions they agreed to earlier. North Korea is provoking the[…]