UK Prime Minister Teresa May just announced her resignation, after 2 years of mismanaging the Brexit process. Americans don’t seem to care about Britain’s presumed exit from the EU (Brexit). But it is important to US national security.

The key reason is that the European Union (EU) is a quasi democratic autocracy/bureaucracy ruling over 450 million people in 27 countries, and for now, also the UK.

It was originally set up as a trade customs union, but morphed into a common currency and collective laws. These laws usually usurped the powers and sovereignty of the member countries and put the power into the hands of an unelected bureaucracy of Left and pro-Islamist politicians.

Eastern European leaders see this as a problem and are distancing themselves from the impending Western European disaster.

Eastern European leaders see this as a problem, and are distancing themselves from the impending Western European disaster. The influx of more than 3 million Muslim migrants over the past five years into Western European Christian democracies has caused enormous problems, as many, if not most, partially or totally reject liberal Western values. These problems are well-documented, but are often denied by the bureaucrats who authorized this influx of those with anti-Western attitudes, and are suppressed by European governments and “news” organizations.

For the UK to escape from the decline of Western Civilization in Western Europe, Brexit, combined with rational immigration strategies, can save the Britain from this fate.

It is not in the US interest to witness the loss of 65 million Brits from our successful Western culture. The UK is our “mother ship.” We must encourage them to save themselves by simply picking an exit date and then leaving dying Western Europe.

A free trade agreement with the US and the British Commonwealth countries could help alleviate the pain of a hard Brexit.

Hopefully, a new strong PM will emerge to engineer this exit, save the UK, and strengthen Western Civilization.

Ken Abramowitz
Citizens For National Security