Iran is threatening to withdraw from the JCPOA in 60 days if European countries won’t help Iran evade American sanctions.

Trump is sending aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf.

US is now raising tariffs on Chinese imports, after the Chinese reversed the concessions they agreed to earlier.

North Korea is provoking the US with new missile launches.

Venezuela’s Maduro almost left, but didn’t.

Lots of problems on the Administration’s plate. So how do we break these impasses and win?

Must we physically attack our adversaries in order to convince them to listen to us and follow our guidance/commands?

At times like this, it is useful to monitor and assess the 6 forms of warfare: physical/kinetic action, economic war, legal war, demographic war, cyber war and cultural war.

Plan A is “containment” like the Cold War: we should step up our use of the latter 5 forms of warfare.

Plan B is to emphasize physical force, as we did in World War 2.

Needless to stay, Plan A is far preferable. But for Plan A to work, Plan B must seem very credible to the enemy.

Plan B, or physical war, should be the last resort against China or Russia. But physical force is possible, as a Plan B, for enemies like Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela, if we ratchet up the other forms of warfare first, as in Plan A.

So let the ratcheting begin and intensify right now. And then more tomorrow. And much more next week. The next 2 months seem destined to be action -packed!

Ken Abramowitz


Citizens For National Security