The anti-Semitism that has infected the British Labor Party has moved to the US and is now infecting the left wing of the Democratic Party.

The historical lesson of anti-Semitism is that it starts with the focus on the Jews, but the racist masterminds involved end up hurting the Christian or Muslim populations as well.

So what should normal Democrats and Republicans do about it, to save themselves from this racist bigotry?

Number one, there should be zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, just as there is no tolerance for racism in general.

Number 2, within the University systems, Federal, State, and City financing should be removed immediately from any university that allows forms of racism and anti-Semitism on campus, starting immediately.

Number 3, racist and anti-Semitic candidates should not be allowed to run for public office. If inadvertently elected to public office, they should be arrested and then tried for inciting violence.

Number 4, far left, far right and Islamist organizations should be banned from public activity.

Number 5, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest of the Political Islam cultural organizations, should be banned, as it is in Egypt, the UAE, and even Saudi Arabia.

Number 6, school books throughout the US should be re-examined for far left, far right or Islamist-derived Anti-Semitism and bigotry.

Offending books should be removed. Repeat offender publishers should be closed down for sedition.

It is exactly the right time for all levels of the government and society to de-fund and de-legitimize Anti-Semitism.

What are we waiting for?

Ken Abramowitz


Citenzens For National Security