The 2019 worldwide threat assessment of the US Intelligence community contained a good analysis of our key adversaries: China and Russia. It also discussed worldwide threats from ISIS/Al Qaeda and transnational criminal organizations, and regional threats from Iran and Taliban.

However, there were 5 glaring omissions:

Number 1, the Assessment did not properly characterize the #1 threat facing the US, namely Political Islam.

Number 2, the Assessment properly characterized Iran and ISIS as physical terror organizations. However cultural terror organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood (Turkey, Qatar) and Wahhabis (Saudi Arabia) were not discussed in either their foreign or domestic impact.

Number 3, it did not properly characterize Iran’s worldwide terror infrastructure of over 400,000 physical, narco, and cultural operatives in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Number 4, it understated the threats emanating from Latin America in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and the tri-State region, which are penetrated by agents from China, Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

Number 5, it understated the nuclear ambitions of Iran, which is partially financing North Korea’s nuclear effort.

Also much of Iran’s nuclear weapon program takes place in hidden military sites, off limits to the UN inspectors and CIA satellites.

In net, the Annual Assessment deserves a grade of “Incomplete”. The document should be returned to the intelligence agencies for them to add the other half of the threats that they missed!!

Ken Abramowitz


Citizens For National Security