Late in March, President Trump signed an executive order directing all Federal agencies to identify threats posed by electro-magnetic pulses or EMP.

EMP surges can destroy portions of our electric grid and/or devices that are based on electric current to operate, posing huge risks to our modern society. These surges can result from natural events such as solar flares or nuclear weapons explosions high in the atmosphere.

A single nuclear weapon detonated at high-altitude over the center of this country could collapse the electric grid, thereby compromising other critical infrastructure, leading to the potential demise of over 100 million Americans.

Such a directive should have been issued long ago. But at least it finally happened.

President Trump should also suggest that all governors issue similar orders for their state governments. The Federal and state governments should also encourage private utilities and corporations to get involved.

The main reason is that our enemies such as Iran/ North Korea and competitors such as China/Russia are using a multitude of methods to challenge America.

An EMP attack is just another front. An EMP attack uses elements of physical and economic and cyber war. It is relatively inexpensive, like cyber, and allows our less wealthy adversaries to challenge us with their much smaller budgets.

Needless to say, we cannot allow that to happen. We have to prepare for all forms of war, big and small, and expensive and inexpensive.

EMP preparation had been woefully inadequate in the US.

It is now time to dramatically upgrade the hardening of the grid. Hopefully now we can begin to close the gap! Let’s go!

Ken Abramowitz


Citizens For National Security