Seminar Description

What It’s About: Elements of competition between the U.S. and China in a stealth war. Steps taken by the Chinese Communist Party in 2020 to enable and exploit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes actions, when the CCP knew about the human-to-human transmission, which enabled travel from Wuhan. Also covered will be the virus-related disinformation and influence campaign which followed. In his talk, the presenter will address necessary moves to protect the country from Chinese infiltration and influence, highlighting these pillars from the National Security Strategy: Protect, Rebuild and Inspire. He will end by summarizing the current status of the competition the United States faces and its prospects for short, intermediate and long-term viability.

Robert SpaldingPresenter: Dr. Robert Spalding has served in senior positions of strategy and diplomacy within the Defense and State Departments for more than 26 years, and is a retired Air Force brigadier general. He was the chief architect for the current widely praised National Security Strategy and the Senior Director for Strategy to the President at the National Security Council. His innovation while serving in the White House has led to a reset in national security and public policy regarding telecommunications in the U.S., as well as globally. During decade-long work countering Chinese Communist Party influence, Dr. Spalding became China strategist for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, as well as serving as the senior defense official and defense attaché in Beijing. He is currently co-CEO of Q Networks, developers of a standalone 5G service and software platform. General Spalding is an Olmsted Scholar, a Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, and a Senior Associate Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society of London. He has a doctorate in economics and mathematics from the University of Missouri.

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