Seminar Description

What It’s About: A potential EMP attack by North Korea, a dirty nuclear bomb from Iran, drug cartel violence throughout the country, massive Fentanyl overdoses, cyber attacks by Iran or Russia, and a new COVID variant virus attack from China. What should we do to protect our country? Should we play offense or defense?

Our next CFNS webinar will tackle all these questions!

Citizens For National Security's Chairman Ken Abramowitz will provide his view of how he sees things from a national security perspective with a brief overview of the topic, then open up for Q&A from attendees.

Ken AbramowitzPresenter: Ken Abramowitz is Chairman of Citizens For National Security. Ken analyzes threats to the United States and has recently published the book, The Multi-Front War: Defending America From Political Islam, China, Russia, Pandemics, and Racial Strife. Once a month CFNS provides a forum for its members and followers to hear Ken's perspective on a particular topic and an opportunity to ask him questions on any national security related topic.
CFNS fills a vital need. With its people, contacts and experiences in the intelligence and national security arenas, and its concept of two-way dialogue with its members, it offers an efficient forum and format that bring the general public into the national security mix.

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