The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed every aspect of our lives. It has also seriously impacted our economy and thus threatens our national security.

Unfortunately, America will not be able to return to the level of its booming economy in February.  The shutdown and massive firing of manpower is likely to erase some 25% of America’s small businesses, causing large numbers of unemployment. This in turn would slow the economic recovery and could possibly lead to social unrest, and open the door to political radicalization.

A weaker U.S. or the perception of weakness seems to encourage our enemies to challenge us.  Iran, for example, has already attempted to provoke our navy in the Gulf, and like China and Russia, is engaged in virulent anti-American propaganda, falsely accusing the U.S. of spreading the virus. The U.S. focus on prevention of and recovery from the pandemic may lead China to crackdown on Hong Kong, act against Taiwan and increase its supplying of Mexico’s drug cartels with Fentanyl and synthetic opioids to be smuggled to the US. Russia, which is badly affected by the pandemic, has been trying to expand its influence in Europe, sending medical teams and equipment to Italy, but it could also use its influence to intimidate Eastern European countries. In Latin America, Venezuela is already pushing out waves of citizens, full of imbedded Hizballah terrorists and narco-terrorists throughout the area and to the U.S., as well.

ISIS is calling upon its supporters to go out and purposely contract COVID-19. Then, expose themselves to as many “infidels” as humanly possible. They’re saying that killing the “non-believers” in this manner is even more numerically effective than suicide bombing.

Added to the usual national-security threats that our country has been continuing to face, these are among the consequences of COVID-19  that makes America’s challenge even more overwhelming. Likewise for CFNS. But, as usual, we will pursue our mission with greater determination than ever.

Ken Abramowitz
Citizens For National Security