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What It’s About: Magnitude of Problem? How To Stop It?

Jeremy MahughPresenter:From the beginning as a boy growing up in Montana, Jeremy Mahugh led teams to victory. He played multiple sports but most notably lettered all four years in Varsity Soccer at the largest high school in the state; he was also the Captain or Co-Captain both his junior and senior year. Forgoing the traditional route of straight to college, he knew he needed the challenge of being part of an elite team, so in 1996 he left for a winter boot camp at the Great Lakes. Taking the first opportunity at the SEAL Qualification test, he passed and over the course of the next year became a US Navy SEAL, debatably the most difficult training the military offers. After becoming a primary pilot for the miniature Submersible, also known to the SEALS as an SDV, or SEAL Delivery Vehicle – he deployed twice. First with SDV-Team 2, once during 9/11 and once after. Later he served as an instructor, as well as a test pilot for building new and better submersibles. After 10 years in the Navy and becoming a SEAL Sniper, he decided it was time to exit and return to Montana. Upon his arrival back to the states, he started and managed his own business for a few years before it became clear to him that there was still service to be done and an itch to scratch. Over the following six-year period, during the height of the Middle East conflict, Jeremy deployed another 13 times as a private contractor to the U.S. intelligence community. Due to his extensive “on the ground” knowledge and developed relationships, he went on to aid a Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in two more trips to Northern Iraq. With the NGO, his involvement was focused on aiding the Kurdish government on the recovery and rehabilitation of girls who had been taken as sex slaves by ISIS. In 2014, Jeremy was recruited to help run a grass roots political campaign for a former Navy SEAL Commander in Montana who was running for US Congress, resulting in the first ever Navy SEAL to serve in the US House. After the win and still feeling a pull toward civic duty, Jeremy joined his most purposeful mission yet, co-founding DeliverFund. He often tells people that every job he has held up to this point has been to prepare him for his current endeavor. This is the mission to end human slavery.

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