Seminar Description

What It’s About: History and Future of the Middle East Abraham Accords

Ayoob KaraPresenter:The Honorable Ayoob Kara, MK in 15th, 16th, 18th and 20th Israeli Parliament for the Likud Party, was born in Israel in 1955. Kara was discharged from the IDF with the rank of Major. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Ono Academic College and an MA in Public Policy from Tel-Aviv University. He is a lawyer by trade and a lecturer on various topics. Mr. Kara also served as Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. On January 23, 2017, he was appointed Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. Honorable Kara is among the few Israeli government officials who maintain excellent relations with Middle Eastern leaders including the Gulf States and the Islamic world, as a whole. During 2015, The Honorable Kara recognized an opportunity for forging diplomatic relations between Israel and the Gulf states, as Iran became a growing threat to these countries. Eventually, Mr. Kara realized that only the United States could address such an opportunity, and following the election of President Donald Trump, Honorable Kara met with The President. This initiative led to the economic conference in Bahrain. The conference concluded that there is a need for an informal, non-political body to promote and realize the economic initiatives.

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