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CFNS Task Force on the Influence of Islam
in K-12 Public-School Textbooks

CFNS has extensively researched the issue of Islamic bias in Florida’s K-12 public-school textbooks and has completed its initial report. We found and documented numerous passages in a variety of history and geography textbooks that blatantly enhance Islam while demeaning Christianity and Judaism. We have identified more than 80 textbooks that contain clearly offensive passages of this nature.

Our report and the Task Force behind it have now become the basis for a Florida statewide campaign by a CFNS-created Textbook Action Team whose organized activists are dedicated to ridding these textbooks from Florida classrooms. We are the lead organization in Florida on this very important issue that is now in front of the Florida Department of Education and district School Boards. In addition, Florida Governor Rick Scott has been personally made aware of this issue as a result of our efforts.

The extensive research on this project for the state of Florida was done over a year and a half by non-paid volunteers. Our task was detailed and exhaustive. Hundreds of textbooks are used in any given state school system. Each one of them in Florida was identified by contacting school-district offices and/or calling schools themselves in every one of the state’s school districts (Florida has 67). A database of almost 1,000 textbooks used in Florida was compiled. Flawed textbooks were identified by first acquiring or borrowing them from libraries and school districts, then reading and parsing them for offensive passages, deliberate misinformation; and, purposeful, self-serving omissions. Outside non-paid consultants also provided input on content from similarly flawed textbooks. To close the loop, the textbooks used in Florida were cross-matrixed against the flawed textbooks to pinpoint the Islamic-biased ones being used in each school district.

There are 21 additional states in the U.S. that select K-12 school books with strict adoption guidelines from state government education departments that manage and oversee the process. We plan to carry out similar research in all of these states using CFNS procedures to research flawed, Islam-slanted textbooks, just as we did in Florida. The ultimate goal of this project is to remove Islam-biased, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian history and geography textbooks from middle- and high-school classrooms nationwide.

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