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Seminar Description :
Originally developed as an in-flight security operations training program for commercial airline crews following the terrorist takeover of four flights on 9/11, this presentation is an adaption oriented toward the safety of an aircraft's passengers. Attendees will be taught what they should be doing to protect themselves at departing and arriving airports, and how to deal with several levels of in-flight threats, including terrorist hijack, passenger rage, and flight-deck takeover.

Since in every safety and personal protection protocol, knowledge is power, participants will learn important facts about terrorist planning and likely actions, how to identify and evaluate potential threats, the difference between terrorism and air rage (the response is dramatically different!), and self-defense techniques and tactics. It's also crucial to know what the crew is likely to do, so you will be shown how to respond to them in an emergency management situation. These and other topics covered in this exciting and informative workshop will provide you with the hands-on knowledge and experience you must have to protect yourself and your family on future domestic or international flights.
Walter Philbrick is a former 30-year certified police officer in the Hialeah (Florida) Police Department, with experience as a plain-clothes detective, homicide investigator, SWAT-team leader, vice and narcotics specialist, firearms instructor, and trainer of defensive tactics and use of force. IPS and the 911 Store, two companies he owns in Hollywood, Florida, has trained over 175,000 students in bloodborne pathogens, close-quarter combat, bodyguard techniques, handcuffing, and SWAT-team and defensive tactics. He has been featured in the New York Times, London Times, Time magazine, Fortune magazine and Newsweek; and, has appeared on 60 Minutes, ABC Primetime, the Today Show, CBC in Canada and Fox News.

Garret Machine served for several years in an Israeli Defense Force undercover unit that specialized in urban warfare, targeted assassinations and kidnapping of wanted militants throughout the West Bank and Gaza strip. After participating in close to 100 such missions, the IDF sent him to the Interdisciplinary Center in Tel Aviv where he graduated with a Masters degree in homeland security and counterterrorism. Following his military service, he worked as a field bodyguard for the Israeli Ministry of Defense where, unlike traditional bodyguard or executive protection details, he was part of a unit that worked exclusively in high-risk areas within the West Bank. Eventually, Garret joined the Israeli National Police Force and served in it until 2010 before coming to the United States where he presently works as a security consultant.
Registration Fee (per person): $35.00 tax-deductible donation.

* Complimentary for CFNS Chairman’s Roundtable members.
* Every CFNS member may bring one guest free of charge.
* Refreshments, parking and handouts included.

Limited seating. Advance registration required.
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